Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously and want you to know what information we collect from our users, how it is used, the steps taken to protect this data on-line as well as off-line. This policy was developed in accordance with Indian law regulating personal data (India’s Federal Law No 152 of 2006) which establishes rules for using 4rabet website and provisions about citizens of India who are hereinafter referred to as Users. The text of the Policy can be found at any time by clicking «privacy» tab on top menu bar in official website.

  1. The website collects, accesses and uses personal data of the User in order to provide them with personalized content. Personal information is not collected automatically but when voluntarily submitted by the user through a voluntary form on their device. The Website may use cookies or similar technologies while you are browsing our site to identify your browser type for example in order to offer more appropriate products tailored specifically towards what we know about you from other sources such as social media accounts (e.g., Facebook).
    The Company needs to know your name, email address and date of birth in order for you to sign up. You can enter this information on the company’s website or through a live chat with customer service representatives by providing your e-mail address during an online inquiry about our services. If withdrawal is necessary because there was some kind of error when entering the data then we will need additional documents confirming Player’s identity (ID document) as well as User’s electronic wallet number in payment systems.
    The Company wants to give you the opportunity of obtaining your personal data when you sign up. We take all necessary steps in order for no one else but yourself have access to it, including ourselves and our staff members. However, if a User chooses certain actions that are made available on this website with their consent beforehand then other people will be able to see them too!
  2. Purpose of the use of information provided by the User
    The Company uses all data that is submitted to us solely for:
    -concluding agreements with Users and executing them
    -providing technical support
    -considering claims/appeals
    -sending advertising materials or updates about new features
    -improving work on our website
    -counteracting money-laundering
  3. Ways of treatment
    • The Company processes User’s personal data in the following ways: recording, organizing, accumulating and storing. The company can also modify or delete this information upon request from any individual who is a party to that user’s account if they have control over it for an extended period of time. If not modified after two years, their data will be permanently blocked on our servers so cannot access them again unless we send someone out there with special equipment!
    • The User agrees to let the Company process their personal data when filling out any form on this Website and in interaction with the site, including transferring such information to third parties as part of an agreement between you and us, even if we do so while it is stored outside your country (cross-border transfer).
    • Our databases are based in India where all processing takes place
  4. The Company takes the necessary measures to protect your information. For example, they make sure that only employees and partners of the company have access to it. They also encrypt sensitive data so nobody can steal from us!
    The Company understands how important our personal information is- after all, we are human beings who live in a hyperconnected world where everything online could be accessed by anyone at any time without permission or notification. We take this very seriously for ourselves as well as you — which is why The Company has always taken legal organizational and technical precautions against unauthorized access destruction alteration blocking copying distribution or other illegal actions on third parties with such info while restricting others (except those within) from accessing said info themselves.
  5. The company may require you to provide them with some personal information, but in return they will offer services including statistical research and other features. If at any point during your time on the site or using their app, you decide that this is not for you, then please e-mail the website’s support team so we can help remove your data from our database.
    User’s have a choice  about how much of their own personal info they are willing to share (cough cough like name and email). The good news is that if anything changes over the course of being an active user — such as changing what type of ads displayed interest me more than others — all I need do is get in touch with customer service
  6. Every user deserves the right to have their personal data processed in a transparent manner, and they should be able to withdraw this consent at any time. Additionally, if you agree for us to process your information under certain circumstances but later change your mind then we will stop processing it immediately.
  7. The company reserves the right to make changes to their Policy at any time. Users are responsible for getting acquainted with the text of an update when they visit a Website and should do this every 5 days on average. The new version comes into force after 5 days from its placement until then, users must adhere to Policies as stated in previous editions or be barred access entirely by not agreeing with Terms that come under it- which is expected behavior!
  8. The Company and the User will now be able to make use of their mutual information without any difficulties in being imposed by conflicting terms set forth within this agreement, as each party can agree on either a Personal Information Use Agreement or Data Protection Policy with regards to how private data is handled during such transactions.

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